Classic Prom Flicks

With essays to write and exams to study for, we’ve been too stressed out lately to even think about prom. So to unwind and get ourselves in the dancing-all-night headspace, we’ll be making time this weekend for a prom-themed movie marathon.

Among our must-rent flicks:

Carrie — The classic horror flick will make even our worst prom experience seem decidedly warm and fuzzy. 

Pretty in Pink — The angsty ’80s movie, starring Molly Ringwald, makes us feel good about being a little quirky. And makes us want to learn to sew, too. 

Napoleon Dynamite — When we’re not feeling our social best, Jon Heder’s unbelievably awkward (and funny!) character makes us feel a whole lot better.

10 Things I Hate About You — This feel-good film about sisters who can’t agree on anything — except going to prom (eventually) — is a great warm up to the big event.

Melissa Grayson, Vervegirl Daily Toronto