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by Kat Wong Too Yen

With his inspiring use of colour, 31-year-old Chor Boogie (born Jason Hailey) is a full-time modern artist looking to change the way people view the art of spray paint. Calling from San Diego, Chor and I chatted about his past and his hopes for the future.

VERVEGIRL: What inspired you to take on the name Chor Boogie?

CHOR: "It was based on a youth-given nickname from a friend of mine. I was called “Chore”, because artwork was my chore. I took off the e for artistic purposes and added a last name. I like to get “boogie” with it. (laughs) I think the name has flow and melody, like music." 

VG: Growing up, did you have the full support of your friends and family as you pursued your career as an artist?

CB: "Yes, most of them have been supportive. Some of them said to me, “You only get rich and famous when you’re dead.” But, I’m living off my artwork and I’m going to prove them wrong! Even though I’ve gotten all of this publicity, I still think that I’m only at the amateur level. I want to go down in art history. I’m a very traditional paint artist, with no preservatives, no additives."

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VG: You’ve worked with some very high profile clients over the years. Is there a particular celebrity that you really want to work with?

CB: "I need a woman! I need the right woman that inspires me but I don’t know who yet. Hmm…there’s also Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, and [American film director] Stanley Kubrick, even though he’s dead. I’d like to work with Brad Pitt, Francis Ford Coppola, Marlon Brando, and Martin Sheen."

VG: Do you have a favourite piece or one that stands out very clearly to you?

CB: "I love all of my work but I’m really favouring pieces from my Romanticism series. I’ve done two out of three so far. The first is called “The Silver Queens of the Romantic White Tiger”. The second is “The Bronze Queen of the Romantic Black Panther”.  And the third is “The Gold Queen of the Romantic Lions”. This series takes a lot of dedication and technical skill."

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VG: What are your major upcoming projects?

CB: "I have a show in San Diego on July 24th called “Out from the Underground” at Edgeware Gallery. On July 31st, I’m in Beacon, New York working on a project called “Electric Windows”. It’s through the support of MTN Colors North America that I can do these shows."

VG: Any words of advice to young aspiring artists?

CB: "Believe in yourself. Believe in your work. Believe in what you do. And everything else will follow. A lot of artists lack confidence. Build your confidence and turn to your strengths. Work hard for it, and persistence is the key. All the cherries on top will follow! Create your own name, create your own philosophy."

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