Challenges of Being a Writer

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By: Jackie Middleton

I blame Carrie Bradshaw. Our favourite NYC heroine has made the job of writer look easy. Truth be told – it’s not! Sure, it’s a creative profession ripe with occasional perks but it can also be a very difficult slog. Challenges are the name of this game.

Unpredictable pay – Land a gig writing a magazine, newspaper or website column, and congratulations — the pleasure of regular paydays is yours! Freelance writers, however, ride a slippery slope of financial feast and famine. Being adept at balancing a budget is a must.

Writer’s block – When inspiration goes AWOL, it can spell disaster for a writer. A lack of creative juices equals no work and no pay. Avoid at all costs!

Finding clients – Pitching isn’t just for baseball players – writers do it too! To secure new clients, freelance writers must “pitch” their ideas to magazine and website editors hoping to get a query accepted. Hours of research and cleverly composed prose later, there’s no guarantee your idea will ever become an article.

The waiting game – Perhaps the expression ‘patience of a saint’ should be changed to ‘a writer.’ Journalists are always waiting for something: cheques, pitch approvals, interviewees, publication. Hopefully you’ve packed your patience along with your laptop if you aspire to be a writer!

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