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Ceilidh Millar - Featured blogger at Vervegirl.comThe Proud Canadian Program
by Ceilidh Millar
For any teenager in high school, socializing is one of the most important aspects of growing up and developing a sense of belonging. Teenagers need to find their niche – or the place they are welcomed. This feeling of comfort is often achieved by sticking with a group.

For instance, observe any high school cafeteria. You see pods of students separating into ethnic groups. Sometimes, we are not even aware of separating; we just want to hang with kids we feel the most comfortable. Naturally, students want to be with others that speak their first language, but can this lead to alienation or self-segregation?
 Well, I work to prevent that. The Proud Canadian Program supports multiculturalism in our schools. The project promotes intercultural understanding through workshops and presentations.
 By only congregating and socializing with people who are similar to us racially or culturally, we short-change ourselves. We limit our learning, knowledge and understanding of other cultures, religions and points of view.  The presentations teach intercultural understanding to school students. Through fun, interactive workshops, young people learn acceptance, respect and understanding of different cultural backgrounds.
Canada is a multicultural nation. It is important for young people to interact, learn and share their stories and culture. Share your multicultural spirit and show your pride!
Welcome everyone into your group and create an intercultural circle of friends. When we learn and share together, this enables us to see past our differences and find our similarities!

Note from the Online Editor
For the month of May, the fabulous Ceilidh Millar is Vervegirl’s guest blogger!  As you will find out in Ceilidh’s blogs, she’s all about helping others and doing her part in the community.  Ceilidh is an active volunteer with various organizations like Free The Children, and she also has a love of the arts and theatre.  Vervegirl is excited to welcome Ceilidh to our blogging community!