Vrep Essence Event!

Vrep Essence Event!

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Lawson are a 4 piece rock/pop band who released their debut single” When She Was Mine” on 27th May 2012 which rocketed to the Top 5 of the UK Chart. Their 2nd single “Taking Over Me” released in August went straight in to the top 3. Adam Pitts (drums), Andy Brown (lead vocals & guitar) Joel Peat (guitar & backing vocals) and Ryan Fletcher (bass &backing vocals) were one of the biggest breakthrough acts of 2012 inthe UK

“They’re going to be massive” – Evening Standard

“Hottest up and coming band out there right now” – Daily Mirror

“They will be huge” – Daily Star

“Remember where you heard their name” – T4

Lawson formed after drummer Adam Pitts contacted lead vocalist Andy Brown who had been posting acoustic covers on Youtube to say “I love what you’re doing, if you ever form a band can I be in it?”. And so they formed a band. Adam contacted his friend Ryan who in turn recruited his music college buddy Joel and the foursome got stuck in rehearsing and gigging like men possessed. Named after Dr Lawson, the surgeon who saved Andy’s life following a marathon 18 hour operation to remove a brain tumour (which has subsequently left him deaf in one ear) every chapter in this bands history tells a story. Their debut album, inspired by the heartache Andy endured after splitting up with his long term girlfriend was released in October 2012. A collection of songs that recalls the highs and lows of being in love. Performing day in, day out in pubs and clubs up and down the country, consistently posting acoustic performances online, talent like Lawson could only go unnoticed for so long. They signed a major record deal in early 2012 & the rest, as they say is history…

• 3 Top10 singles out of 3 releases selling over 400,000 copies in the UK alone
• Completed 3 sold out headline tours of the UK, 2 of which were before they’d even released a single
• Toured with Avril Lavigne, Will Young & Jessie J
• Summer Festival performances included V Festival, T In The Park, Hard Rock Calling & the Capital FM Summertime Ball as well as performances at Rock The Games for London 2012 and a headline set in London’s Hyde Park for BT London Live
• Debut album “Chapman Square” produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer John Shanks released 22nd October 2012

Over 15 Million views on YouTube combined
400,000 Twitter followers
110,000 Facebook fans

When She Was Mine

Taking Over Me

Standing In the Dark

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A Fine Frenzy Surprises Fans

A Fine Frenzy Surprises Fans

Behind the scenes at the Best Buy Center in New York City, A Fine Frenzy hooked up with justWink to talk about the hit song Now is the Start. See what happened when fans got to hear an amazing performance by the band…and got a justWink card from Alison Sudol–one that she designed just for them!

5 Tips to Organizing the Best Prom Ever!

5 Tips to Organizing the Best Prom Ever!

5 Tips to Organizing the Best Prom Ever!

Brought to you by  The Prom Show and JW Events.


Probably the most fun part of the entire event is planning the theme. This allows you to be creative and innovative while you add the personal touch that is a symbol of your graduating class. The best ideas come from a wide range of opinions, so let everyone have their say!


Location is important. Finding all the venue information through professional planners will be a lot easier and more efficient! This can be anything from a banquet hall to a basement, as long as it has the capacity to hold all of your guests. Make sure that you’re aware of everything that’s included (or not included) with your booking so that there are no surprises on your special night!



Because a party just isn’t a party without good food!

First, decide if the food will be a sit-down meal, a buffet or just finger foods. Also, food stations with a variety of offerings are a new and popular trend of serving style.

Once that’s established, plan your menu according to your theme to give it that extra flair. Make sure to take allergies into account, as well!

If you hire a caterer, they can answer questions about quantity, style, etc.


Unless the party is free, you’ll probably have to charge for tickets.

Create a budget so that you are sure to break even on your expenses, but make sure that your expenses are reasonable so that your classmates are paying a realistic amount for a ticket. It is important to differentiate your fixed cost and variable cost and pay extra attention to the fixed cost so that everything works out.

It’s often a good idea to promote and sell tickets in advance so that you can effectively plan how much space, food and other logistical elements you’ll need, and once your classmates have an idea of the ticket cost, they can know how much spend on their transportation, dresses, flowers, etc.


Create an event plan for the evening. This should be an hourly list with the plans for the night. Include arrival times of service staff (caterers, DJ, florist, etc.), dinner time, when the dancing will start, security, student or parent event managers and clean-up.
This is, perhaps, the most important aspect of the event, so hiring a qualified event planner may help to ease the stress on students.

Visit The Prom Portfolio at, which provides a directory listing of services targeted toward prom, and, The Prom Show, itself, will offer many options for those looking to plan their own private or school-sanctioned event.

The Prom Show, Toronto 2013, proudly supports MADD Canada’s Toronto Chapter with a portion of all proceeds going directly to the organization.The Prom Show, presented by JW Events, will be taking place on March 2nd and 3rd, 2013, from 11am – 5pm at The Bram & Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library, centrally-located and easily accessible by local and regional transit.

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Gregory Gorgeous Dishes on Season Two of The Avenue

Gregory Gorgeous Dishes on Season Two of The Avenue

Gregory Gorgeous dishes on season two of The Avenue
By Arta Ghanbari

The day I met Greg was one I’ll never forget, as it was the start of something new for all of us: The Avenue.

Now three years later, the show is in the midst of airing its second season, with Greg, Rachel, Claire and I back behind the cameras sharing our lives to viewers from all over the world. With season one under our belts, we went into this season a lot more open, confident and with many lessons learned.

 As the star of the show, Greg, or better known to his fans as Gregory Gorgeous, surely needs no introduction. The YouTube sensation has over 45 million video views and 320,000 subscribers to his channel — and the numbers add up by the minute.

During the two-year break following the first season of The Avenue, Greg took advantage of the time to work on building his brand as a makeup guru and personality, forming partnerships with brands such as Make Up For Ever (think: his meet and greet in L.A.), “imPress, Press–On Manicure, Dior and Skindinavia, to name a few. He also recently filmed 15 episodes of E! network’s Celebrity Style Story to air starting this January, in which he is a guest judge.

Greg and Claire

When we first met, Greg and I were both just 17 and 18 years old. I’m not exactly a makeup and beauty fanatic and didn’t know this Gregory Gorgeous personality everyone was talking about prior to meeting him. I got to know him as Greg, not the personality, but this remarkably energetic and caring guy, who cares about being a role model that embodies always striving to be yourself, more than anything else.Season two of The Avenue has been a completely different experience for all of us. More cameras, more filming, a bigger cast and the comfort of having worked with each other in the past has allowed us to delve into deeper issues such as some of the struggles that face LGBTQ members, rocky relationships, broken friendships and career pressures (okay, this one is all me).

“Season one was very open-ended. I was in school at the time and had so many different responsibilities and more things pulling me in different directions,” Greg tells me. “It was really a fun experience. I was living in a city just outside of mine, I had my own apartment and I just thought of it as, ‘Lets document this!’ It turned out to be so much more than I expected. Season two is two years later, and I’ve honestly gone through so much more.”

I think viewers will agree with me on this: The most horrific and eye-opening moment of this season is Greg’s attack, a night we all remember vividly and with sadness


Greg and Rachel

When I saw the footage I said, ‘I didn’t know you were still filming.’ I thought I could just sweep it under the rug,” Greg shares. “But at the end of the day, my main message is be yourself, be true to yourself. People message me all the time about being beaten up and assaulted. How am I going to be the one to sweep that under the rug? So it was really important to me to keep that in the show. I don’t want to be making fun of it, because it was a really serious night and I think a lot of the time, people on YouTube try to pick apart things because it’s so easy for them to do sitting behind a computer. I was assaulted and I was mugged and I don’t want to make that an entertainment story line because it’s something that’s happening all across the world and I want to show respect towards that subject.”

New episodes of The Avenue air every Tuesday at Be sure to tune and as we share our lives and grow together. 



I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I just love the series and now I have a chance to bring it to life, that would be the best present ever!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!:)

I loved the series and to able to bring it to life with makeup and everything? well that would be the best Chistmas present ever!

why I want to win the Fuji prize pack

I really want to win the Fuji prize pack because I want to capture those memorable moments and teasure them forever



Hey everyone!

So, I am currently part of the fashion blog and I decided to post one of the posts on here, hope you like it!


To be honest I think that Paris is one of the most lovely places ever! I would really like to go there one day, even though I’ve been there 4 times but never go the chance to explore.

PARIS is soo amazing and romantic. It would be a dream come true to have my wedding there under the Eiffel Tower or even just go there with my favorite people. Not only that, but PARIS is the main destination for Shopping along with New York(I need to go shopping there too) and has all the latest fashion of the season and I really NEED to go shopping there and I will.

So, PARIS is one of the place I want to go and always wanted to go. Hopefully one day my dream will come true.



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Glossy Box Holiday Party!

Glossy Box Holiday Party!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday evening I attended the Glossy Box Holiday Party as a Vervegirl rep & it took place at the beautiful Marc Anthony salon in Toronto (38 avenue rd.)

The evening was packed with various “bars” to get us holiday ready, & indeed it did! There was a nail bar, beauty bar, braid bar & more!

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Take care!


Brandy Melville Media Launch!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Brandy Melville launch as a Vervegirl rep! It was such a great evening filled with yummy sweets, great music and beautiful fashion.

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Have a great week!