5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By: Arveen Mann

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m sure most of you have yet to still find a costume. There is no need to purchase an expensive costume, ere are 5 simple Halloween Costumes using pieces that you may already own!

Minnie Mouse

– A red/black skirt

-A red/black dress

-Minnie Mouse Ears

-A black dot on the tip of your nose



-A white dress

-Angel Wings/Headpiece



-A red dress

-Devil Horns headpiece




-A pink or purple dress



-A witch hat

-Any dark color dress

-Messy Hair

I hope this has helped give you inspiration for Halloween this year!

Discover Diary of a Trendaholic!

Discover Diary of a Trendaholic!

When beauty maven Erica Davis isn’t educating her Diary of a Trendaholic audience about the latest runway trends or products on the market, she’s coveting the closets of Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and T. Swift.

We chatted with Erica, runner up winner of our So…? Fragrance #SoBloggerSearch to learn more.

On how she got her start

I’ve always been interested in the art of makeup. In high school I began watching videos and playing around with colour in an attempt to enhance my skills. Eventually I became good at it. I realized many women share a common interest: we want to look our best and feel beautiful! I decided to use my love of writing to create a website that reviews the hottest beauty products on the market and make it easy for women to get the lowdown on formulas, quality and application. The response has been very encouraging. I love being able to help and inspire.

On the summer trends she loves

After wearing dark shades all winter, I embrace summer with a splash of bright colour! I’m loving vibrant floral prints, long flowing maxi dresses and sexy backless tops. For makeup I like minimal eye shadow, daring winged liner and a bold lipstick – red is always classy.

On the celeb wardrobe she covets

I am impressed by Kendall Jenner’s style. She is young, fresh, high fashion and her outfits are so trendy! I love Taylor Swift’s cute summer dresses and the array of glamorous gowns in Sphia Vergara’s closet. Blake lively, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez always look gorgeously chic.

On the future of Diary of a Trendaholic

In the future I see myself writing for a magazine, expanding my social network and teaming up with more beauty brands. I would love to collaborate with an established organization to create my own line of makeup or products, meet new people, attend more fabulous events and totally immerse myself in the beauty industry as a trendsetter and sought-after beauty editor. I have big goals but I’m getting there one step at a time.

Follow Erica as she navigates the latest in fashion and beauty at, on Twitter @ericachristinad and on Instagram @diaryofatrendaholic.

Meet Simply Fashion TV!

Meet Simply Fashion TV!

We teamed up with So…? Fragrance to challenge fashionistas of the world to enter our #SoBloggerSearch. We’re happy to announce that Andréa Christine Jones, the beauty behind Simply Fashion TV was chosen as our winner!

We caught up with Andréa to learn about about her, Simply Fashion TV and her top fashion and beauty picks for summer.

VG: You originally hail from Atlanta, Georgia. Have you always loved fashion and beauty?

Growing up my family was very frugal. My mom was by herself and worked very hard to send my siblings and I to a private school in the U.S. We didn’t have a lot to spend on fashion and beauty, but that didn’t stop us! My mom taught my sister and I how to search the discount racks and shop the thrift stores to find the best deals. People always complimented us on how well we dressed. I loved seeing the shock on people’s faces when they found out that the dress they were complimenting was $5 from Walmart.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

VG: Any fashion trends you see popular in Atlanta that still need to make their way here?

I think people in Toronto and Ontario are a bit afraid of colour. I love bold colours, patterns and lots of it! I think that’s just a reflection of my Southern roots though. Honestly, I think Toronto is a bit more fashion forward than Atlanta.

VG: How would you describe your personal style? What are some key pieces in your wardrobe?

My personal style is girly-chic. It’s a bit preppy with lots of colour. I’m not afraid to wear my prescription glasses as my favourite accessory. My key pieces are my maxi dresses, black skinny jeans, chiffon tunic tops and fun scarves.

VG: How did you get your start on Youtube? What influenced you to start your own channel?

In some way or another, I’ve been blogging since I was 14 years old and I’ve been posting content to YouTube since 2009. So when I decided to create Simply Fashion TV near the end of 2011, it was a very natural decision for me.

VG: What are the must-have products in your beauty kit?

I’m a huge fan of full body skin care, so I have to have my moisturizers. I’m literally obsessed with body butters, oils and lotions. I’ll try them all!

VG: What fashion and/or beauty trend are you loving for summer?

I just picked up a printed pant that’s the modern version of Harem style pants. I’m in love. It’s so comfortable and looks very chic and effortless. My favorite beauty product at the moment is Argan Oil. I use it at least once a week on my whole body!

VG: What inspires your videos/posts? Do you find it hard to continue to come up with original, unique content?

I’m mostly inspired by what I do in my own life. I love fashion and beauty so if I see a maxi dress that I love, I blog about how to find maxi dresses that you love. I have the problem of too many ideas at once and not enough time in the day to finish them all! I have a running list in Google Drive that I’ve been adding to over the past few years. If I ever feel stuck I’ll choose from there.

VG: How would you describe your personal style?

Seek out Andréa’s latest finds at Or follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@simplyfashiontv).

Youtubers We Love: In The Frow, Cimorelli and Lucy and Lydia

Youtubers We Love: In The Frow, Cimorelli and Lucy and Lydia

Girl power! International Women’s Day may have come and gone but that doesn’t mean we’re finished celebrating. To keep the festivities going we’ve rounded up a few of our new favourite ladies on YouTube.

In The Frow

Fashion, lifestyle, makeup, travel – nothing is out of bounds for Victoria, the talented photographer, stylist, editor and writer of In The Frow. By day she works as a fashion retail lecturer at the University of Manchester. By night this lilac-haired beauty is posting about life in the Front Row (aka. the frow) and her latest fi nds on Youtube. Her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous outfi ts and accessories you’ll want in your wardrobe. You can even shop a few of the looks in her feed via

Check out Victoria’s trip to LA where she was featured in Vervegirl covergirl Meghan Trainor’s shoot for “Lips are Movin’” in “Meghan Trainor – Lips are Movin’ BTS ad | Inthefrow”. Plus, find out how she maintains her signature pastel locks in “How to: Pink Hair and Hair Extensions | Inthefrow”.

Follow Victoria on Twitter (@InTheFrow), on Instagram (@InTheFrow), on Facebook and on Youtube.


Search for “Cimorelli” on YouTube and there they are: six smiling sisters performing the latest pop hits in an a cappella style, their voices blending in perfect unison. Not only do these girls know harmony, but Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani each write their own songs and have individual talents that impressed executives at Universal Records, who signed Cimorelli in April 2010.

The girls’ Youtube channel features covers of hits from Katy Perry, Taio Cruz and Bruno Mars, with more than 500 million views and over two million subscribers. Check out the girls’ cover of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and their original songs Renegade and I Got You.

Follow Cimorelli on Twitter (@cimorelliband), on Instagram (@cimorelliband), on Facebook and on Youtube.

Lucy and Lydia

Double trouble! The lovely Lucy and Lydia are 20-year-old identical twins from Norwich, UK who love and are obsessed with all things beauty, fashion and music related! They regularly feature fun and energetic song covers of popular artists on their channel, along with beauty tutorials, Q&A sessions, vlogs and hauls with their favourite products each season.

See how the girls get their signature curls in “Our Everyday Curly Hairstyles – Ad ”, or watch as they visit Disney World for the first time with other popular vloggers in “VLOG: Our Disney World Adventure”.

Follow Lucy and Lydia on Twitter (@lucyandlydia), on Instagram (@lucy_connell and @lydia_connell) and on Youtube.

Feature photo credits:

In The Frow –
Cimorelli – Mike Cimorelli Jr.
Lucy and Lydia –


How to Choose the Right Skirt For You?

How to Choose the Right Skirt For You?

Skirts are downright pretty, right? But unfortunately, not all types suit every silhouette. You have to find the ones that flatter your body shape and height. Varied styles are available in the market and there’s a piece suitable for everyone no matter what body shape, height, and size you have. The tricky part is to look for those types that fit your body. Choosing the right skirt can be a struggle especially when there are so many styles to choose from. Choosing the right skirt shape does wonders for your body especially for the waist, hips, bums, and legs.


Skirts are one of the most girly pieces that we women can wear, so make sure that the pieces you choose bring out the best in you. It’s essential that we don’t buy just any style we see in the market. Think of your body’s flaws and best assets before you purchase a piece. Your body shape dictates what skirt type is suitable. Prioritize the fit of the skirt over the latest trends. Wearing a skirt should make you feel more feminine and confident. Learn the tricks in choosing the right skirt. Here are some easy guidelines in choosing the best skirt for your body type.


Big Hips and Thighs

Avoid miniskirts if you have big hips and thighs. The length shouldn’t be above the knee by more than one inch or two. A minimal A-line cut is a good pick because it gives balance to your full hips. Go for loose skirts with soft drapes. Don’t wear skirts that are too tight especially those made of Lycra fabric. Avoid bubble skirts, which will make you look heavier at the bottom. Avoid too much detail especially at the hem. If details can’t be avoided, choose those in dark colors and the alignment should be vertical. Avoid overall pleating, bias cuts, and flares.


Thick Waist

If you have thick waist, shift the attention away from your waist and down to your legs by wearing short skirts or long and full skirts. If you want to add a belt, choose a skinny piece and avoid thick ones that will just emphasize the thickness of your waist. Don’t wear skirts with details around the middle portion.

No Curves

Women with an athlete body type can wear almost any type of skirt and look good. Skirts are the best choice to femme up a boy-shaped body. To create an illusion of curve, select a pleated skirt and those with pockets like patch pockets. You may use thick waistband or belt to define your waist. Also, go for body-hugging styles that create curves.


If you’re blessed with curves then it’s good to highlight them while toning down a little. Just like for party dresses, choose A-line cuts, drop waists, flat front, and side or back zippers for skirts. Avoid wearing too tight skirts. For the fabric, choose soft and fluid then will drape over the curve. Avoid stiff fabrics, pleats, patch pockets, and big prints.


If you’re petite, wear A-line cut or tapered slim skirts. Avoid still fabrics and go for something soft and fluid. Choose knee-length and avoid either too long or too short because it will make you appear shorted. Choose those with vertical details that will add length to your legs.


Sport your best femme look by investing in skirts that suit your body best. Follow these skirt style tips and get the confidence you deserve.


Author Bio

Iris is a natural born artist. She believes that true fashion, as a form of art, comes out of pure passion. As a fashion blogger for Trendy Shoppe she keeps herself apprised of the latest trends in order to cultivate an inspiring and fun fashion and styling experience for her readers.    

Back To School Outfits of the Week!

Back To School Outfits of the Week!

Get inspired with some of the outfits I put together for my first week back to school!



New Canadian Eyewear Landing on a Face Near You

New Canadian Eyewear Landing on a Face Near You

Keep your eyes peeled, Canada – Deux Face eyewear has landed!

The 2013 collection offers stylish guys and gals distinctly designed, trend-setting eyewear that is easy to obtain, yet exclusive – limited number for a limited time.

Deux Face designs eyewear as an accessory for fashionable individuals who want their glasses to be a statement of their personal style. The 2013  collection is available in five different styles in a variety of colours with un-politically correct names, like ‘Oil Spill’ and ‘Pleasures and Affairs’. Taking geek chic to another level, Deux Face creates contemporary, technically astute and culturally well-versed frames that align with the hottest trends off the beaten path, lead by local Canadian designer Victoria Harrison.

Frames pictured above include: Raches – Déversement de Pétrole; Wally – Dans le Vert; and Vecoux – Randonnée dans la Forêt.

Like what you see? Fashion gurus, trendsetters and enthusiasts alike can jot down the name of their favourite frames or email a friend (or themselves) from the site to share the must-have style; then pop into the nearest optometrist to request a pair stat. No prescription? No problem. Pay a visit to the nearest eyewear retailer/optometrist anyway and request to order blank lenses or turn them into sunglasses!

Back-to-School Fashion

Back-to-School Fashion

As sad as it is, summer is coming to a close. We begin to find ourselves exchanging our maxi dresses and flower crowns for leather jackets and head warmers – but it’s an exciting time! Fall fashion is one of the most loved seasons for some of the most adored styles and trends. Each individual can express their style in different layers and textures, sometimes the more the merrier!

The newly launched Runway Crush features some of the hottest Canadian designers, both new and veteran, and is the perfect one-stop shop for all your fall fashion. And, most importantly, its local!

Here are some great designers you can check out today:

d’avi – a luxury knitwear brand dedicated to subtle luxury, unique design and outstanding craftsmanship using exquisite natural European yarns.

Fehu Leather – One-of-a-kind pieces that will add a unique twist to your wardrobe. Made in Calgary, Alberta using only the best quality leather and supplies.

Oyuna Designs – a clothing label known for timeless, seasonless designs that are locally produced in Montreal but inspired by international travel. Designs aim to flatter a woman’s body and natural beauty.

Saniki Creations – Bringing back an ancient art form of weaving metal rings together to becomes modern and contemporary jewelry pieces, their chainmaille creations are made to order using the finest metals.

Illyria – a Toronto-based independent fashion designer that uniquely marries the fundamentals of style, sex appeal, function and affordability.

See more amazing Canadian designers at


Summer Lookbook 2013!

Summer Lookbook 2013!

Summer Lookbook 2013!

Click on the link above or  —>



Test Your Shoe Knowledge:  The History of Sandals

Test Your Shoe Knowledge: The History of Sandals

It is one of the prolific shoe designs and popular throughout the world, but how much do you really know about the summer sandals you wear every year?  We searched the web for some really fun facts about sandals, their history and how they have evolved over hundreds of years.

Who Invented Sandals?

The first formal text that mentioned the sandal design was made in Ancient Greece where it was noted as a practical choice by the scholars in Athens and the great philosophers.  The word sandal is derived from the Greek word ‘sandal on’ and the class or social rank of an individual could be deciphered by the quality of the sandal he or she wore in those ancient times.   Leather was very expensive to process and leather sandals were a mark of affluence.

In fact, the higher up the leg the sandal straps went the more affluent an individual was, and if you think shoes are expensive now consider that back in Ancient Greece, very few people could afford shoes at all.  So they improvised instead with natural, manmade materials such as corkwood, string and twine or whatever was around.

The status and rank of the gladiator or Roman Soldier boot was borrowed from the Greeks by Rome and used as a subtle proclamation of its national affluence while it invaded other countries.   Think of all those marching boots (or Calgae).  And even within the Roman army leather sandals were an indicant of status and rank just as designer shoes are today.  If you could afford good shoes then you were a better type of person.

The Greeks however were not the first people (according to archaeological reports) to design and utilize the summer sandal.   That honor went to the oldest known summer sandal which was discovered in Fort Rock Oregon in a cave.    That sandal (made of sagebrush bark) was carbon dated to be 10,000 years old which places it first among other shoe styles or designers.

Around the Globe

From clogs to Padua (Indian ceremonial sandals) every culture around the world has developed their own version of the sandal.   The Get sandal is a Japanese version of the high heeled flip flop that features an elevated wooden platform while the Jip sin (traditional Korean sandal) is made entirely of straw.

Fun Facts

  • Celebrities wear the popular Wörishofer sandal which was established in 1940 and is still said to be plain, boring and even frumpy when it comes to footwear design.  Beautiful women such as Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal wear this ugly (but very comfortable) shoe.
  • Did you know your risk of developing foot fungus or athletes foot is reduced by more than 70% when you wear sandals rather than closed toe shoes?
  • Saltwater Sandals were developed in 1940 in response to shortages of leather that were experienced during the war.

Source: National Shoe Retailers Association, U.S. Census Bureau

What Our Shoes Say About Us

Even today people continue to make judgments based on appearance rather than merit and women in power definitely want to have the right style and fit.  The shoe sale industry in 2012 alone showed a strong improvement and it is presently a $48 billion dollar market worldwide.

Runway Crush Now Live

Runway Crush Now Live

Runway Crush, the newest, exclusively-Canadian fashion online retailer, invites trendsetters, fashion gurus and enthusiasts alike to shop local emerging and veteran designers – today! The online shopping mall uncovers local talent, brings them to the retail forefront and houses items from couture and day-to-day outfits to jewelry and accessories, and even hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces.

“Our goal was to create an innovative, user-friendly online experience where fashionistas can shop amazing Canadian designers that were under the radar until now,” says Julia Leitch-Church, founder of Runway Crush. “What’s truly unique is that Runway Crush acts as a one-stop shop, fashion retail hub for consumers and benefits all designers – fresh out the gate or those who have been in the field for a while – who need an additional avenue to grow on a larger scale. So, let’s show off the amazing Canadian designers we have in our very own country!”

Runway Crush transforms the Canadian fashion industry and makes buying local more accessible. From trendy, casual to high-end, some labels you can check out today include:

  • MONIKOVA by Monika Francikova – captures the essence of a woman and her femininity; designed for the self-confident woman seeking sophisticated individuality.
  • Ladiezroom by Shannon Hong – ultimately comfy, yet incredibly sexy; easy wear dresses for work and play are thoughtfully designed and carefully produced for the female form.
  • Couture Neckties by LEELA – one-of-a-kind, handmade men’s ties, bowties and scarves constructed from the finest quality of natural fibers in cotton, linen, denim, wool or flannel.
  • Kristal Viñas by Kristal Viñas – limited series of unique jewelry, designed and handmade in B.C., using high-quality materials and following the highest jewelry industry standards.
  • Ariel Fu by Ariel Fu – Made for women on the go, designs are versatile and can be transformed from business chic to cocktail party, so ladies can go straight from the office to a night on the town. Custom tailoring available.

For full designer lineup, visit

Hosting the latest trends, Runway Crush supports and promotes local talent and is continuing to grow.  Designers can still get in on the action by visiting the site to reserve a spot and start sharing designs via their own personalized boutique within the virtual shopping mall.  Designers have the ability to change or add products and manage their boutique at their leisure, allowing them to retail their own label on a larger scale in a quick, easy and convenient way.

So check out the local designs and shop today, ladies… and fellas!

Professional Photographer & Makeup Artist

Professional Photographer & Makeup Artist

Hello lovelies,


Do you have a special occasion coming up? Are you looking for a professional photographer and/or makeup artist for head shots and live in the Toronto are?

As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts my boyfriend is an up and coming professional fashion photographer in Toronto. He specializes in headshots/glamour shots and photos needed for modeling portfolios. To view is full portfolio click on the link below…


Along with my boyfriend being a photographer I am a starting out freelance make up artist. I can do makeup for special events, everyday or for photo shoots. We work together as a team or separately, depending on the needs of the client.


If you or someone you know is need of a photographer and/or makeup artist and would like to work together please contact myself Melanie or Frank for rates as well as services needed.


Melanie Vance                                      Frank Arzaga

Freelance Make-up Artist                  Fashion Photographer   


I hope you all have a great weekend and for those of you interested we look forward to hearing from you soon.