How to Make Your Passion Your Life’s Work

How to Make Your Passion Your Life’s Work

Jesse Jones, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Canadian marketing agency TEN81 Lifestyle Inc. and the conceptual developer of U-ology101, paid a visit to renowned educational institution Yale University this past March to provide a training session on how to make your passion your life’s work. Jones spoke to a select group of undergraduates – in addition to members of the Yale Latino Networking Group (YLNG) and Yale Human Resources – about finding their passions in current and future employment.

While addressing the Yale student body, Jones discussed how investing in yourself is a positive and productive way to achieve your life goals and highlighted how to uncover your life’s passion while shedding light on the following topics:

  • Identifying success expectations
  • Are our visions of success centered around our core interests, passions, and innate abilities?
  • Igniting one’s passion for their work
  • Outlining the process necessary to connect with our innate passions
  • Drawing out your hidden potential
  • Identifying our ability to change the world as we know it; understanding that it is entirely possible with the right mindset

“Being asked to develop these seminars and have a candid, engaging and inspiring conversation with both Yale’s human resources department, staff, and its academic student body is truly an honour. Motivating and educating others to live a passionate life, understand who they are and how to leave a significant mark on the world is the core essence of TEN81 Lifestyle’s U-ology101 brands.  It is incredible to see how U-ology101 has become an impactful message for some of the most identifiable brands to engage their employees and consumer demographics. Essentially we are being called to help re-define employee/employer engagement and show the tremendous impact that has on the business as a whole. This is truly special and my team and I are humbled to be engineering the experience,” says Jesse Jones.

U-ology101 is an empowering lifestyle brand that helps people identify things they are passionate about and develops strategies to implement concepts and build an action plan for success. From students and entrepreneurs to VPs and CEOs, Jesse Jones helps people of all backgrounds find their passions in life. U-ology101 has become a global movement with the aim to ignite a different way of thinking amongst individuals – where understanding your passions can guide you to conscious decision-making about where you want to go with your career and life.

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