Catching up with Hedley

Catching up with Hedley
By Priya Panda

Sitting down with Hedley at the Metropolitan Hotel on Chestnut St. in downtown Toronto, it’s easy to see why the band has become a mainstay on the Canadian music scene for almost four years.  They make catchy rock tunes, they’re easy on the eyes and most of all, they’re willing to poke fun at themselves.
       Their new single “Cha-Ching” is an open letter to reality television calling out all the heavy hitters from The Kardashians to The Biggest Loser, but vocalist Jacob Hoggard is no stranger to the platform. His foray on Canadian Idol brought him priceless national exposure for the band. “People will do anything is the angle of observation that we’ve taken. Whatever it takes for that fifteen minutes of fame. So the fact that we could incorporate myself into it was a much smarter because it just goes to show you. And you know what? I did the same thing. I was in construction, I worked five days a week and [partied] on the weekend. I was 19 and I thought I’m going to be on television! Am I busy? No.”
       Hedley are under no pretenses – they are well aware they would not have received the exposure they needed to get in the public eye without reality television, but don’t necessarily suggest it to other musicians. “The reason [Jacob] did so well is because he was just having fun with it,” says drummer Chris Crippin. “Every band has its formula and its winning niche and there’s no one way to do it. There’s some people with an even bigger kick-start than he had, and they do even worse.”
       Hedley did great. In fact they are now certified double-platinum recording artists in Canada. “You’re usually working so hard you don’t notice these things. It all happens so gradually that when it comes it just comes, “ says bassist Tommy Macdonald.
       With a new single comes a new album, due out this fall, a new sound and bigger, better experiences. “We like to set our sights high and our aspirations higher,” Jacob explains. “Recording this album has been even more stressful than the last for one reason – we know we need to top ourselves. We know how strong this has to be.…We want to make sure that this record is a testament to the growth that we’ve seen in ourselves.”
       If the dancy “Cha-Ching” is any indication, Hedley has grown with their fans and are exploring the world around them through their tunes.
        The band would like to send a special shout out to towns like Rimouski, Quebec, who have supported them from the beginning and they will definitely hit on tour. Often spending months on the road, the boys miss the comforts of home.  Jacob cites his fishing boat as the most comfortable, Tommy likes being at home in his own bed. Chris adds, “When we’re on the stage and playing I feel like I don’t want to be anywhere else but sometimes even the ten minutes before we hit the stage I feel homesick.”