Career Profiles Part 3

Insight from eight recent grads. Compiled by Lisa Van de Ven

CURRENT JOB: Executive Director, Georgian Bay Land Trust.

WHAT DO YOU DO? A bit of everything! When I started in 2003, I was the only staff member so I ran the programs; which include acquisition of land for conservation, management of that land, raising funds and communicating about our efforts. Five years later, we now have additional staff so I can focus on bigger picture things like partnerships, strategic planning, and supporting our growing
staff and volunteer base.

UNIVERSITY: Trent University; joint major in Environmental Science and Biology.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TRENT? Trent is a very small school, which really appealed to me because it gave me the opportunity to work in small groups and have a closer relationship to the staff and professors.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT YOUR JOB THAT GETS YOU OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING? The area I work in is inspiring. Eastern and northern Georgian Bay is one of the most stunning landscapes in the world so it’s hard not to be motivated to help conserve this place. The other thing that motivates me is the people. When you’re surrounded by people that go out of their way to help you reach your goal you can’t help but be excited to go to work.

BEST DAY ON THE JOB SO FAR? The best kind of days are those when I get to meet with landowners on their property to talk about how we can work with them to protect their land. The relationship between people and land, especially in an area like Georgian Bay, is remarkable and it’s always a privilege to work with landowners who trust us to make sure the natural environment they appreciate will continue to be there for generations to enjoy.

CURRENT JOB: Grade 5/6 teacher in Bermuda.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Teach English, History and Geography.

HIGH SCHOOL: King City Secondary School in King City, ON.

UNIVERSITY: Saint Mary’s University; Bachelors of Arts and Education. University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto;
Masters in Education.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT YOUR CURRENT JOB THAT GETS YOU OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING? The feeling that I am helping someone (usually a little person) on the long road to becoming a mature adult. I’m a people person and love young minds; I think teaching is a great fit for my personality.

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE OR TEN YEARS? Hopefully still teaching and if I’m lucky I’ll land a department head position.

HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR FUTURE GOALS? The reason I went back to school to complete a Masters degree is so that I could prepare myself for future advancement in the profession. Today, a Masters degree is becoming a requirement for many senior positions. However an excellent teacher is the result of more than just degrees—an abundance of knowledge comes from work and life experience. I think it’s important to try and find a balance to help prepare for the future.

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