Career Profile: Graphic Designer

Josh Levitt, 25, is the Art Director for Vervegirl, BZone and FUEL magazines. We chatted with him to find out more about this cool, creative career.

VG: So, what exactly do you do?
JL:  We are the creative arm of the publishing process, handling everything from the basic look and feel of the magazines to the actual layout of each page.

VG: Where’d you study?
JL: York University and Sheridan College (in a joint program between the two schools); Specialized Honours Bachelor’s degree in Design.

VG: What’s your best memory of college/university?
JL: The workload was always very heavy, but exchanging ideas with friends in the studio, or the sleepless nights spent fleshing out new projects, are times I’ll never forget.

VG: How long did it take to land a job after graduating?
JL: It was about six or eight months of increasing panic! I worked from home for a while and went on some interviews.

VG: Best day on the job so far?
JL: It’s tough to nail it down to one day, but the process of giving FUEL its new look and logo in the last few months has been a whole lot of fun and incredibly rewarding.

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Melissa Grayson, Vervegirl Daily Toronto

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