Career Profile: Ben Buchanan

Aiming for a higher education is a smart choice – it leads to more interesting career options and, in Ben Buchanan’s case, to a dream job.

Ben Buchanan, 28, works as an Artist Manager at The Coast and Booking Agent for Paquin Entertainment in Toronto, Ontario. His job consists of handling the everyday activities of the bands, negotiating contracts, writing grant applications, creating marketing plans and booking tours. It’s his passion for music, and love for the fast-paced environment which is the music industry that motivates him to do his job.

When asked if the career he chose is different from what he imagined, Buchanan replied: “If someone pulled me aside in first year and said, ‘Hey you’re going to manage and book bands ten years from now’ I would have laughed in their face. It’s like my dream job come true.”

Ben Buchanan graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a Bachelor’s of Industrial Design and is currently attending Humber College in Toronto to complete a certificate in Public Relations.

By Natalia Cheikh

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