Career Options: Interview with Radio Producer and Host

Pondering career and post-secondary options? It’s a lot to think about — we know. Which is why we’ll be checking out the OnCampus Virtual Fair on October 22. In the meantime, we caught up with John Pollock, 24, who’s chosen a pretty cool career path. He’s the host and producer of The Fight Network in Toronto. Here’s what he had to say about his work, so far:


VG: What do you do?

JP: Host on-air programming, produce and co-host Fight NEtwork Radio on Sirius Channel 98, edit online content

VG: Where and what did you study after high school?

JP: Ryerson University, Radio and Television Arts

VG: What is is about your job that gets you out of bed in the morning?

JP: I love my job—I’m in an industry I love and I’m a combat sports junkie so my professional and personal loves are intertwined. I have yet to ever wake up and say ‘Damn, I gotta go to work’—the day that happens is the day it’s time to leave. 

VG: What’s been the best day you’ve had on the job so far?

JP: Probably the darkest story I’ve ever had to cover was pro wrestler Chris Benoit killing himself, his wife and child. It sounds terrible saying that was my best day on the job, but it was definitely the biggest challenge I’ve ever had and considered it a big hurdle. Sometimes it’s the toughest stories to cover that deliver the biggest personal gratification. 

VG: Who’s your favourite radio personality?

JP: Jeff Marek from Hockey Night in Canada Radio. I grew up listening to Marek and he probably has no idea, but the influence he’s had on my career has been huge.

For details about the OnCampus Virtual Fair, click here
Melissa Grayson,
Vervegirl Daily Toronto

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