Career Options: Chef & Caterer

In contemplating career and college options, we came across Stephanie Young-Lo, 24, the founder of (Pastry) Chef Steff — The Weekend Caterer.  Here’s a little bit about Steff’s very cool career:

VG: What’s the catering business like?
SYL: Catering is one fantabulous job. I have a true passion for cooking and putting new twists on classic dishes.

VG: Where’d you study?
SYL: George Brown College; Baking and Pastry Arts Pre-Employment program.

VG: Best memory of college?
SYL: I remember walking into my first lab and feeling lost because everybody knew what they were doing—and it was quite obvious I hadn’t baked a day in my life. But my best memory was getting my diploma, actually graduating from an awesome program. I went from a newbie to a pastry chef all in one year. 

VG: Where do you see yourself in five years?
SYL: Hopefully as a chef of my own restaurant.

VG: What’s the best day you’ve had on the job so far?
SYL: The best day was my very first gig: My friend’s mom’s Thanksgiving dinner. She asked for a duck breast dish and I hadn’t worked with duck breast before, but I pushed myself and did some research and taught myself how to cook it. It turned out so well and everybody loved it.

VG: How do you think your college experience will help you achieve your future goals?
SYL: It taught me what I need to know to run a business, come up with menus, the cost, and all that, but it also taught me how to be a leader. My chef was very patient with me and was very willing to teach me So I take that with me wherever I go.

VG: Your signature dish?
SYL: Baked salmon with a creamy dill/garlic sauce.

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Melissa Grayson, Vervegirl Daily Toronto