Canadian Idol Melissa O’Neil Reveals Her Personal Style

Songbird Melissa O’Neil tells vervegirl magazine about the style and scents that inspire her

vervegirl: How would you describe your personal style?
melissa: I like to dress up sometimes. It’s fun to get done up for an occasion, but really I like comfort. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.

vervegirl: Is that reflected in your bedroom and its décor?
melissa: Totally. My bedroom is so comfort-able. I think the way you sleep completely affects the rest of your day so I splurged on the softest, comfiest bed. I’ve accessorized with gorgeous chairs and a lovely reading light.

vervegirl: How important is colour to you and your style? Do you have favourite or signature colours right now?
melissa: I do love colours and I feel like I’m starting to branch out more with them and take more chances. Lately I’ve been into blues and purples a lot.

vervegirl: Has becoming famous made it easier or harder to express your own personal style?
melissa: It’s definitely harder to express myself since I’ve been under a spotlight. But then again, I also have more options now and more people helping me out. But I’m just like any other teenage girl, I’ve got my insecurities and I don’t always have the confidence to do what I’d like to do.

vervegirl: How important do you think it is that teen girls have a way to express themselves through style and décor?
melissa: I think it’s really important. If you’re going to express yourself anywhere, your
room is the safest place to do it. You can try anything you want and if it’s awful and your mom totally freaks out, it’s just a room. You can always redo it.

vervegirl: Now that you’re living a crazy, busy life, do you appreciate your bedroom even more?
melissa: Absolutely! It’s a sanctuary for me. I really love being able to just completely relax, let go and be very comfortable.

vervegirl: Do you have a favourite scent that adds to the mood of your bedroom?
melissa: I adore those smells that remind me of home. Vanilla is so comforting since it reminds me of my Mom’s cooking. Sweeter berry and citrus scents are both relaxing and refreshing and badly needed at the end of a hectic day.

vervegirl: Do you use your bedroom for working and watching TV and stuff or do you keep it strictly for sleeping?
melissa: There’s absolutely no TV in my bedroom! That’s rule for me. My family always liked TVs in their bedrooms, which is maybe why I’ve always kept them out of mine. I do read in my bedroom, though, which is why I have the chaise and the lamp. But mostly it’s just for sleeping and relaxing.

vervegirl: What’s the most uniquely “Melissa” thing in your bedroom?
melissa: Probably my books. I have all of these kooky books from places like Urban Outfitters. I have black shelves all over the wall in funky shapes and they’re filled with fun, girl-power books.

vervegirl: Last thing, do you always make your bed in the morning?
melissa: No. I’m a bit of a slob!

photography: richard sibbald