The Buried Life on MTV

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By: Jackie Middleton

An audition for Canadian Idol? Swimming in the ocean with dolphins? What do you want to do before you die? Fans of MTV’s hit reality show, The Buried Life know this slightly macabre question all too well! Non-viewers, fear not! This query is not meant to scare, but to empower!

This youthful take on the traditional ‘bucket list’ has us all pondering – what off the hook life experience would I want? Riding shotgun aboard purple Penelope (yes, she’s one wicked bus!) with Ben, Dave, Duncan and Jonnie, viewers get an up-close and personal account of their chosen ‘before I die’ tasks. While storming the Playboy Mansion, shooting hoops with President Obama, or dating Megan Fox might not be our personal picks, they sure make for laugh-out-loud viewing. These dudes have no shame!

All kidding aside, what’s the best aspect of The Buried Life? The guys take time out from their own dream quests to make the impossible possible for strangers they meet along the way. A MTV reality show with a heart… buried within! Don’t tell Snooki!

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