Bring In The….Old?

So, most people don’t wear the old hairstyles like the pouffe, afrow or even mohawk. It just isn’t done, right? Well, a timeless style is starting to make a comeback now. Anybody remember the combover? Yes, you read that right. The combover!! This style, for those of you who do not know, is where you brush all or msot of your hair to one side of your head and hairspray or pin it down. There are many versions of it but the most popular, and easiest, is the full combover. That is where every piece of your hair is towards or on one side of your head. Now you may be wondering, “Why would anybody wear their hair like this?” Well, it is a simple reason. It looks fantastic!! It compliments almost every face type, fits any style of hair (except buzz cut, haha!) and colour does not matter in the least. It is something easy to cut and something easy to shape. There is only one downside….. You may need to invest in a lot more hairspray!!