Blood Sun by David Gilman

This is just like the Jason Bourne series, but for teens!

Blood Sun by David Gilman

David Gilman

Publication Date:
December 27, 2011

Doubleday Canada

Paperback, 432 pages

CND $14.95

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Has Max”s quest for the truth led to an answer for which he”ll pay the ultimate price?

Deep in the London underground, a train shudders across an unseen body. Days later, on the bleakness of Dartmoor, Max Gordon learns of a fellow student”s death in the capital. Danny Maguire was carrying an envelope with Max”s name on it–containing the secret of Max”s mother”s death. The clues take Max into the endangered rainforest of Central America where, hunted down by a ruthless killer, he must also escape the jaws of deadly crocodiles and flesh-eating piranhas. The truth Max is desperately trying to uncover lies deep within the dangerous forest”s heart . . . if only he can stay alive to reach it. The third and final novel in David Gilman”s supercharged, sophisticated adventure series, perfect for fans of Anthony Horowitz, James Patterson, and the Jason Bourne movies.

About The Author

For the last nine years DAVID GILMAN has been principal writer on the UK television show A Touch of Frost. David has worked as a firefighter, professional photographer, and marketing manager, and has travelled the world, gethering inspiration for The Danger Zone series along the way.



Once you start reading this book, you won’t want to put it down. Why? Because from the very beginning it draws you in. The intro alone had me on the very edge of my seat.

Max Gordon’s character is unbelievably smart and resourceful and I love the fact that he gets out of tough situations on his own. And why wouldn’t he? His parents got caught in the middle of some mysterious but also dangerous trouble.

So when a former classmate of Max’s turns up dead with a letter about his mother, it drives him to find out more about his mother’s death. It’s up to Max to find out how his mother died and why. However the closer he gets to unraveling the mystery, the closer he gets into hot waters with people who want to murder him.

There’s a great deal of Mayan culture represented in the book which I love. (Especially when Max sees them making hot chocolate!)

This novel is chock full of action, and mystery! I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into a tv show because the adventures that Max Gordon gets into would make a wonderful show.

Can I just say how much I enjoyed reading about Sayid and his computer hacking abilities? Creating programs out of open-source languages to hack into government web sites, lead false trails, and steal security footage just made me giddy with excitement.

Overall, if you’re into the spy genre like I am you will DEFINITELY want to pick up this novel. A wonderful middle-grade read that will surely entertain the boredom out of you. I highly recommend it.




“Don’t go blindly into a place of dancer. Whenever possible? Know your ground.”— Max (page 101)

“Always be careful what you wish for, a voice said in his head. You might not want it when you get it.”—Max (page 150)

“It’s not just wild animals, snakes, spiders and crocodiles that’ll kill you; there are plants that’ll get into your bloodstream and paralyze you, leaving you suffocating to death on the jungle floor. Then just about everything that crawls or slithers will come for you—that’s if the ants don’t get you first.”—Flint (page 243)

“In the past, Mayan kings saw death as an honor and offered their own blood to appease their gods..”—page 370

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