Beating Back to School Jitters

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By Jackie Middleton

Students of all ages experience that anxious flutter of September butterflies. Whether you’re in public or high school, college or university, the beginning of a new slate of classes often unleashes feelings of unease and anxiety. Here’s’s advice for preventing back to school apprehension from getting the better of you.

Talk it Out – Bottling up your feelings won’t help. Have a chat with your parents, a sibling, even your best friend. Chances are, you’ll discover that everyone has their own back to school tale to tell. The best part? They all survived the return to class and you will too!

New school? – If your worry is brought on by your first day at a new school, try to visit the institution before classes begin. Get acquainted with the school’s layout, make note of where the bathrooms, cafeteria and library are located, then show up on day one without the fear of getting lost. It definitely helps to scope out in advance where everything is situated.  

Get up early
– Rushing to get ready for your first day of school is not going to help alleviate back to school stress. Make sure you go to bed at a reasonable hour the night before, and plan to wake up with sufficient time to start your day – including eating a healthy breakfast. Gnawing hunger pangs will just exasperate those jittery feelings you’re trying to thwart.

Just add music – Studies show that listening to music helps calm frazzled nerves. Rack up your favourite tunes and walk to school with a purpose. You’ll get the blood flowing, and will probably forget all about how much you hate chemistry.

Meet up with friends – It’s nearly impossible to fall victim to back to school stress when you’re hanging out with your gang. Plan to join up with your friends on the way into school so you’ll arrive relaxed, happy and fully versed on all the social gossip. There’s no time to be nervous when you’re deep in discussion over who’s dating who.

Even the most successful of students suffer from worry and nerves on the eve of returning to class. The most important thing to remember: you’re not alone! Being anxious about the beginning of the school year is perfectly normal. Like most students when lunch rolls around, you’ll probably wonder why you were ever on edge to begin with!

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