“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”

What an amazing motto and an incredible message to emphasize to all young women today.  For each of us this is interpreted in a completely unique and personal manner.

I am very happy with “My Kind of Beautiful!”  I believe that true beauty comes from within.  To me, feeling beautiful is a combination of feeling good about yourself, how you live your life, and being confident in who you are.  Feeling beautiful comes from being proud of the choices you make and having a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life.    For me, all of these personal attributes are a result of a physically active lifestyle and life lessons learned through sports.

I LOVE SPORTS and I have spent my primary and high school years competing in a variety of different sporting activities; both individual-orientated sports and team-orientated sports;  both which provide valuable life skills and develop solid leadership qualities.  Organized sports, whether individual or team,  teach us that we need to win and lose gracefully and that good sportsmanship is the true attribute of a winner and leader!  Everyone can win well, but someone with  true “Beauty” can lose just as eloquently.

I wanted to give you an insight into “The REAL ME” so I have outlined my favourite sports below.



Running the STEEPLES

Yes, I am a RUNNING ADDICT!  I love to run!  I find it physically challenging, personally rewarding and very therapeutic.  Being a competitive person by nature, I thoroughly enjoy taking my love of running to the competitive environment and am an active member of our high school Cross Country and  Track and Field teams; competing in the 400m, 800m, Steeple and 400m Relay squad.  My strong work ethic and committed training program has resulted in some fantastic results over my high school career qualifying and competing at the Ontario championships several times in both Cross Country and Track and Field.  Although both are individual sports, individual rankings are combined to determine school standings and our school has done exceptionally well at the county and regional events.


In the beautiful winter months of this wonderful country, I transfer my love of long distance running to the snow, to train and compete in long distance Nordic skiing.  What an incredible way to push yourself to the limit while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the Canadian winter wonderland!  Once again, my perseverance, dedication and training has resulted in qualifying for the Ontario High School championships each year.




“On the Drive” That’s Me #2 in RAIDER BLUE

I am a proud RAIDER Basketball team member and captain.  I love the camaraderie, the speed, the agility and the strategy that a competitive basketball game brings to the table.  I have been very fortunate to share my high school basketball career with a GREAT group of fellow athletes and friends.  In 2011, we “shocked” the region by being the first Ladies Basketball team from RCI to qualify for the Ontario High school championships.  What an amazing experience!  It was the highlight of my high school basketball career.

In addition to my RAIDERS team, I have also been fortunate to have been recruited by a local LADIES basketball team that plays in a very competitive Ladies league.  As the “newbie” on the team, I have learned that the competitive nature never truly leaves an athlete.  Many of these wonderful ladies have played together for an amazing 35 years!  Yes, 35 years!  They have taught me the true meaning of “team fellowship” and never cease to amaze me with their drive and ambition.  I hope I can be as fierce as them when I have been playing as long as they have.  They personify the sentiment that true “BEAUTY KNOWS NO AGE!”  They are truly beautiful ladies inside and out!


November, every year marks the start of volleyball training camp.

“Blocking’. That’s me #2 in RAIDER BLUE


I have been a member of the RCI girls Volleyball teams throughout my high school years.  It is such a fantastic game of reflex, power and communication.  It is one of those sports that require teammates  to be constantly talking to each other and requires a great deal of skill and coordination.  Even though the teams I have been on have not qualified for the Ontario Championships, our RAIDERS teams have always been very successful in Volleyball, qualifying on three different occasions to be our Region’s representative at the provincial level.



Girl’s Hockey is my passion!  The sport has really taken off in the past few years and our girl’s high school team has been well coached and very successful over the years and has gained an excellent reputation for both our skill level and our sportsmanship.  We are very proud of our RAIDERS Girls’ Hockey team and have been on the cutting edge of building this sport in the high school community.  This past year, I was honoured to have been nominated  and later awarded the  very prestigious Dr. JULIA WALKER Award.  This award is  given on an annual level, and the criteria is very specific.  Recognition is given to a female student athlete within our region who exemplifies academic excellence, a high level of athletic ability and promotion of sport, and a strong, dedicated personal commitment to her community.  I am proud to be a recipient of this incredible honour.


Combine  speed, endurance, skill and teamwork and you have all the requirements for competitive soccer.  Soccer season is always particularly challenging because it requires practicing and training at the same time as Track season.  Time management definitely comes into play in soccer season.  Our girls’ RAIDERS soccer teams have been very successful and this year marks our 3rd year qualifying for Eastern Ontario Championships.  I love the speed of the game and the team strategy that is involved in a competitive game of soccer.

Sports has truly helped to define who I am and helped me to discover “My own kind of Beautiful”.  I am an athlete!  I can be seen most days in my work out clothes and running shoes but I also thoroughly enjoy donning my formal attire and ROCKING THE HEELS!  There is no reason that we can’t do both; be a competitive athlete but also a sophisticated young lady!




“My own kind of Beautiful” is strongly influenced by sport.  It comes from within and radiates out!  I believe that once you are proud and confident in who you are, you portray that confidence to others and you conduct yourself in a manner that results in others taking notice.  Pride, confidence, positivity, physical fitness and compassion are the attributes that make up “My own Kind of Beautiful.”


Find your passion and radiate “Your own kind of Beautiful”