Be a Prom Fairy-Godmother

by Rachel Wildman

Prom has passed and you had a blast! You’ve taken the pictures and exhausted conversations of your favorite moments. It would be a shame to simply hang your dress in your closet, only to collect dust. You may try to convince yourself that you are going to wear the dress again, but the reality is people rarely do.

After spending weeks (and sometimes even months) looking for that perfect prom dress and sifting through price tags that might have made you dizzy, you should already know how much that one dress can be. Donating your dress to charity is a caring way to ensure that another girl can go to her own prom.

No one should be denied to go to senior prom because they can’t afford a dress. Canadian non-profit organizations like the London Cinderella Project, The Ballroom Blitz, and the Corsage Project understand how important prom can be and are therefore accepting gently used prom dress donations as well as accessories and shoes. These organizations not only give out free prom dresses but Toronto’s Corsage Project even has volunteer personal shoppers, makeup and hair consultants to help every girl make their prom a night to remember.

Be a Prom Fairy-Godmother and help a girl attend her own prom “because every girl deserves a happily ever after” (The Cinderella Project).

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