Are you Cyber Safe?

Hey Vervegirls,

On Thursday, Facebook launched new security options in the back end settings of everyone’s account.  I’d like to take a quick minute to really emphasize how important it is that you’re very careful with the content you share online – Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and .. email!  I’ve seen it happen way too often where girls (and women) in relationships send sexual pics of themselves to their boyfriends/significant others. As much as you trust them there is always a risk that they will forward to one of their boys to ‘show off’ and then THEIR friends forward to everyone in their contact list.  Maybe the relationship ended on a bad note and in a rage of vindictiveness – he forwards them on. 

I care about all of you and I don’t want to see you victimized.  The Internet is a way of life and our way to connect.  At the same time, it can be our worst enemy.  Don’t take that chance and over expose yourself – keep your content tasteful so nobody can use it against you.

Share your phone numbers
Your home address, email, school
Post sexual pics


Clean out your friend list occasionally and delete people you don’t know and/or have never communicated with.
If you’ve been approached to engage in sexually explicit conduct – notify the police and your parents immediately.

Please take a minute today and change the setting on your Facebook account.

Login to Facebook
Click on SETTINGS (upper right side where it says Logout)
Privacy Settings
Change Settings
Follow the prompt and enter your password
Go through each section and really think about who you want to invite into your personal life and change your settings accordingly.

For the most part, it’s ok to share your content with ‘Only Friends’. 
Friends of Friends = anyone who’s friends with your friends
Everyone = anyone and everyone in the entire world – that means dirty old men and gross internet predators
Only Friends = only the people in your friend list
Customize = YOU select who YOU want – this is an excellent option for photos/videos/photo albums

I hope this doesn’t sound too preachy but it’s such an important topic and one that most of us forget to think about.

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– Xania Khan – Editor, Vervegirl Magazine