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All Star Weekend Interview at
Photo courtesy of Universal Music

by Kristin Alger

Zach, Cameron, Nathan and Michael met during their time in school, and from there, their determination to become successful led them to fame. Allstar Weekend were selected to participate in Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing program. Shortly after, they signed with Hollywood Records and they’ve never looked back! 

Vervegirl sat down with the boys during their first international interview.
VG: You started writing songs immediately after forming the band, what gave you guys the motivation to push your way through in the music industry?
Zach: The fact that we love what we’re doing and its fun. We’ve been really lucky and had great breaks.
Nathan: We love music.  We’re musical people, and a lot of it comes from our supportive family and friends –  they help keep us focused on our goals.
VG: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
Nathan: I’d say balancing our schedules – going from high school to home, to waking up early and having appointments and shows, and  then having to write.  It’s really crazy 
Michael: The schedule. It’s not like it sucks for us to have all of these things it’s different to not know what day it is because there’s so many things going on. 
Zach: It’s super fun though, we’ve never been international and this is only our second day in Canada. It’s challenging but it’s so much fun. 
Cameron: It’s crazy we’re in Canada right now, international is insane.
VG: What are your thoughts on your Canadian fans? 
Zach: We’ve only met a few so far, we went to a high school to play a concert for a select group. 
Cameron: They were all stoked about the music and a couple knew the lyrics. It was really cool. I’ve noticed most Canadians are open minded and really nice. 
VG: What artists would you like to perform or work with in the future? 
Cameron: I’d love to tour with the Jonas Brothers.
Zach: That would be a really good tour for us [Jonas Brothers]. It would be really cool to tour with Aerosmith but that’s not the same kind of music.
VG: Favorite Musician?
N-MGMT, Metric.
Z- Bruce Springsteen & Elton John.
M- The-Dream, Trey Songz, Michael Jackson
C- Prince. My favourite music changes every week, I like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz.

VG:  Favourite CD?
N-All Killer No Filler- Sum 41 
Z- Dog Problems- The Format
M-Off The Wall- Michael Jackson
C- There’s too many, I can’t chose. 
VG: Favourite Actor?
N- Seth Rogen
Z- Mike Myers
M- Will Ferrell
C-Brad Pitt/Jim Carey
VG:  Favourite Actress? 
N- Kristen Wiig
Z- Evangeline Lilly
M- Jessica Alba
C- Anne Hathaway

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