Alicia Silverstone urges animal-tested cosmetics marketing ban

Alicia Silverstone has called on the European Union (EU) to uphold a marketing ban on cosmetics tested on animals. 

The 34-year-old actress – who is vegan and previously posed nude in a print advert for animal rights charity PETA – is “concerned” about the safety of products she uses on her three-month-old son Bear Blu but believes it is important the EU continues to halt advertising on products tested on living creatures. 

In an open letter to European Commissioner John Dalli, she said: “I’m writing to ask you to uphold the European Union’s 2013 marketing ban on cosmetics tested on animals. 

“This ban was put in place to advance and modernise cosmetics testing and keeping it in place is crucial. 

“I’m a new mother, so I’m concerned about the safety and the personal care products that I use for both myself and my child. Cosmetic products like baby shampoo must be safe and free of toxic chemicals – but postponing this deadline will not help accomplish that.” 

The ‘Clueless’ actress went on to add new methods in testing have rendered those on animals irrelevant, and urged the political body to keep to a 2013 deadline planned around the world. 

She added: “The impending ban has motivated cosmetics companies in the EU, the United States and around the globe to invest in high-tech alternatives to animal tests. Significant progress has already been made toward replacing animal-based cosmetics tests. But if you allow this deadline to slip away, cosmetics companies will be less motivated in new methods. 

“The modern, non-animal chemical test methods in development are amazing. They are faster, cheaper and more effective than testing on rabbits and rats – and they’re cruelty free.” 

Alicia has previously admitted she became in Vegan in 1998 after attending a meeting on animal rights. 

She said: “I was an animal lover who was eating animals. I realised that I was the problem.”