Advice from the Best

Most of you probably recognize Omar Sachedina from CP24, where he anchored and reported on live breaking news. If you watch Omar in newscast action, you will immediately recognize his honed communication skills, ability to appeal to the viewers and seemingly natural comfort level on camera.

Vervegirl had the chance to speak to Omar at the CP24 studios.

VG: What’s it like working on the news desk?

OS: It can be crazy because you never know what can happen from day to day. Things are always changing so you have to be on top of a lot of things. For example when I’m on the desk, I may be reading a certain number of news items for a particular half hour and then somebody will say in my ear [piece] that there’s breaking news happening in a certain location in the city. We have amazing writers and crew so everyone really tries to work together to disseminate the most amount of information in a short amount of time. So it’s really trying to stay on top of things, doing a bit of a dance on air, trying not to flub so much. And it’s live so sometimes you will flub but you just have to forgive yourself and hope the people watching you forgive you as well.

Omar offered some great advice for those who are interested in getting into the journalism industry:

– From a young age, try to immerse yourself around news and write as much as you can.

– Try to look for internships at TV stations or radio stations to learn more

Check out Vervegirl’s full interview with Omar here:

You can see more of Omar reporting during his new assignment on CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson and Sandie Rinaldo weeknights at 11 pm.