A Life-Saving Gift

When I was 3 days old I was diagnosed with meningitis, septicemia and a rare bleeding disorder. I was critically ill and my parents were told I would not survive the trip to the Calgary children’s hospital intensive care unit. I was in desperate need of blood transfusions and because of the goodness of many strangers who donated their blood, I survived.

Hello, my name is Jennifer Robitaille and I was recently crowned Miss Teen Central Alberta 2012! My platform is to raise awareness of the importance and need for blood donations. I am the perfect example of why it is so important for people to take the time to donate blood. It does matter. It does make a difference. It saved my life and many just like me.

From May 1st-July 1st I will be holding a blood drive all across Canada. The need for blood is always in high demand and I feel that we can all make a difference by taking time out of our busy lives to donate. I donated for my first time about a month ago and got a phone call the next day from Canadian Blood Services telling me that my donation saved a man’s life. It truly is an amazing feeling, knowing that I helped save someone. Even though I am afraid of needles and sometimes faint, I gathered up my courage and decided to make a difference in someone’s life. This is why I am now going to try to donate every 57 days and encourage others to as well.

If you would like to be part of the blood drive, all you need to do is make an appointment at your local blood bank and leave the following pieces of information with one of the workers when you arrive for your appointment:

Your First and Last name

Date of Birth

Postal Code

Phone Number

My name (Jennifer Robitaille-Miss Teen Central Alberta World’s blood drive) or contact me and let me know!

Thanks so much everyone! Remember…It’s in you to give!

Jennifer Robitaille
Phone: 4035059548