5 Different Places to Study

insider @ vervegirl.com

By Katherine Wong Too Yen

If it’s too quiet at the library and your dorm room has too many distractions for you to get through even a single chapter, then you should try one of these successful study locations. Happy reading!

1. Local cafe
Grab your caffeine fix and you’re good to go! A local cafe is usually quiet enough for you to focus on your readings, but still provides enough background noise to keep you awake—if not, you’ve still got easy access to a fresh cup of coffee and maybe even internet access!

2. On-campus study rooms
There are usually plenty of study rooms that you can book in advance somewhere on campus. While these can be great for group study sessions, sometimes students forget that you don’t have to always be in a group to take advantage of these quiet rooms.

3. Outdoors
If the sun is out and the skies are blue, why waste the good weather by being stuck indoors all day? Grab your laptop and do some studying under the shade of a big tree or find a park bench and work through those assigned readings you meant to do months ago.

4. Student lounge
If you’re tackling a tough subject,  it can be helpful to be around other students who might know the answer or who have  taken the same classes as you. Talking to other students can help you focus and understand your work better.

5. Residence common room
You don’t have to wander too far  to get to this prime study location! During exam time, most students are hibernating in the library or hiding in their rooms so the common room can be a good place to spread out your papers and get some quiet time in a big space.