24 hour Cell-less Survival Guide

cell story @vervegirl.com

By Alexia Cito

A day without your cell: could you survive?

We’ve all done it and we all hate it: leaving our cell phone at home or even worse, losing it. Do you even remember the last time you saw a payphone or had a really long convo on a home phone? It’s clear that lives filled with landlines and face-to-face chats are over and the era of texting and cell convos are here to stay. So what happens when you don’t have your cell? How do you survive? Vervegirl’s got you covered with our top 3 tips on how to last 24 hours without your cell…and live to text the story.  
Plan.  At first, this may seem a little crazy, the whole idea of actually planning to meet up with friends or actually being on time, but it can help a lot when living without a cell. Make sure to call your friends from a landline before you leave and decide on the exact time and place you will meet. Let them know if you’re late (but try your best not to be) to wait in that same spot, that way there is no confusion.

Have no fear. Don’t be afraid to use payphones or ask to use a businesses phone. Chances are if it’s an emergency they won’t turn your down.

Write. There’s nothing worse than needing to call someone and not having their number. Keep a little note pad in your purse. Write down important numbers. That way even if you don’t have your cell you can still take comfort in knowing you at least have peoples numbers to call from landlines or payphones.

Vervegirl wants to know, have you ever had to survive without your cell phone for 24 hours? How did you do it?